Question by  Phil75 (87)

What is a good breast lift exercise?

I want to lift my breasts with exercise not surgery.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

There are a number of different exercises, the best is the fly machine or doing chest flies with dumbells. Bench press or military press is also good for this, as is incline press and pushups. This will strengthen the chest muscles and reduce the amount of fat on your breasts.


Answer by  Rafael1229 (52)

Incline brench press done with either a straight bar or dumb bells is good for your upper chest,also decline brench press done the same way. You can also try chest flys both incline and decline,push up is another great way along with dips plus there our tons of cable machine that will give you different angles also


Answer by  Blue (18)

Push ups and dumbbell rows help strenghten your pectoral muscles which will help lift your breats. To do a dumbbell row, knee on a bench with one leg and support yourself with one arm. Use the other arm to lift a dumbbell to your chest. Make sure you keep you back straight. Also, maintain your posture.

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Dumbell rows work you backk Not your chest  add a comment

Answer by  shebitha (26)

Extend your two hands forwrad,fold your fingers tightly,by taking breathe slowly pull the hands to backward,then by straightening the fingers push the hands forward with giving breathe outside. Please remember that breathing is the important process in this. So make sure by taking breathe take full breathe and while leaving breathe leave fully.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

Butterflies are one of the best exercises. You basically want to do any exercise that will increase your pectoral muscles.


Answer by  Darlene (194)

The best exercise would be chest compressions. Either using weight machine or free weights. They both will have the same result just depends on what you are able to use. With the weight machines you can adjust your weight what is comfortable for you. And for free weights they only go us to a certain weight.

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