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Question by  Anster (47)

Should I do weight training exercises before or after a cardio workout?


Answer by  Anonymous

... Cardio should be done after weight lifting as cardio uses carbs and fat while weightlifting uses carbs and protein. So if the goal is to lose fat do it after if not, it makes almost no difference.


Answer by  Amom (701)

When you do, cardio depends on what you're looking to do. Before is great for weight loss and cardio health but not muscle growth and after a weight workout is great for muscle growth but hard for cardio fitness.


Answer by  tc437369 (75)

It is not a good idea to do weight training exercises before a cardio workout, but after is good. The cardio gets the blood flowing and then the weight training helps to build the muscle.


Answer by  Sockless (528)

Weight training should come after cardio as you will be warmed up and stretched. This will make you less likely to injure yourself. You should then do light cardio to cool down after the weight training as well to prevent cramping and soreness.


Answer by  gaa785 (13)

I think that you should complete cardio exercises first. It will get your muscles loosened up for your weight training. Your heart will also be pumping blood more effectively.

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