Question by  AppleAnnie (70)

What are good strength training exercises for women over 50?

I am over 50 and need strength training exercise.


Answer by  firefighter38310 (430)

i 100% believe in the gym over home training because you need motivation. From about 8-11 in the am most people at the gym i attend are >40. get your cardiosystem intact and then enjoy other methods. watch others. BTW i am 58 and in bodybuilding. com believe in yourself


Answer by  jenr8r (14)

Are you working out at a gym or at home? Strength training can be done anywhere with anything, it just depends on your resources. Lifting weights is good for strength training, bicep curls, squats. Lifting groceries & carrying a basket at the store are alternatives that can help strengthen.


Answer by  melissa89 (38)

Some good strength training exercises include lifting 2 to 5 pound free weights for 10 reps. This should be repeated twice. Also, if it doesn't bother your knees, doing lunges with the same amount of repetitions will help with leg strength.


Answer by  elaine (450)

I recommend a product called the "Smart Bell" which is very good for strength and endurance and gives you a self-directed workout to produce core strength. This simple device can be used by anyone of any age and is very easy and satisfying. The instructions make it a snap.


Answer by  Kate8888 (55)

Try lifting light dumbells. Also contact your ab muscles while walking or sitting. Try squats and lunges if your able. Hold on to the back of a chair and squat down. Also yoga can be agegroup focused.

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