Question by  Guveneur (18)

What are some good ankle exercises for an injured ankle?

I don't know anything about sports medicine ankle exercises but that's what I need.


Answer by  Paintballer90210 (56)

Well my little sister broke her leg and had the cast on for a long time. In all that time she never bent her ankle. So whan she got it off she had to start moving it again. How we fixed hers was we had her bend it when she walked on it. Not too much pressure on it though.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Some of the best exercises for an injured ankle include tracing the alphabet with that foot, calf lifts and toe push ups. You should always consult with a doctor prior to any exercises as you could cause more damage to the ankle if you are doing them wrong. Good Luck


Answer by  anil (62)

The best treatment is taking rest. Take atleast 2-3 weeks of rest. Stop running and jogging. Ice the point of tenderness twice in a day for ten minutes for a week.

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