Question by  asg92 (188)

What are good fitness exercises you can do without equipment?

I need some good exercises I can do without equipment.


Answer by  elaine (450)

Yoga would be the ideal pursuit for you since your body is the equipment! You could have a mat, but a rug is fine and a small space is all that's required. There are fine books to teach you the asanas (poses) or you can locate a class. Do it at home as often as you can.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

Exercises from gym class (sit ups, push ups, etc. ) are helpful. Additionally, you can do free weight exercises with household items such as cans of food. If you want to do step exercises, use your own stairs. You can get a dvd with aerobic exercise. We always think you have to have a bunch of equipment, but you don't.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Jogging, pilates, yoga, walking, push ups, situps, pullups, box jumping, are all good ways to work out without using any type of equipment. Also squats and any type of core body exercises you can do without equipment. Work out videos are also a good way of working out without any equipment.


Answer by  Kate8888 (55)

Very effective exercises are squats, jumping jacks, and sit ups. You can jog in place. Try yoga and pilates, these can require no equipment and are very good for your core. Side bends and head to toe stretches are great for your mid section. Leg kicks can be done sitting or standing.

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