Question by  Jim12 (18)

Is running in place good cardiovascular exercise?

I like the idea of being able to run in place and get exercise while watching tv or something.


Answer by  saurabhp (158)

Running in place is a good warmup exercise, but you won't really feel the exhaustion, or exhilaration you would feel from actual running. You can use a treadmill however.


Answer by  Anonymous

Running in place is great. So is jumping rope. Try it you might like it. You don't have to exhaust yourself doing it. Once you're tired you can stop. Do it again the next day if you like. If not then every other day. :-)


Answer by  Anonymous

I alternate Jumping Jacks and Running in place in 1 minute intervals . I goes fast as i can like a sprint when running in place and jumping jacks serves as my active recovery between sprints. It gets my heart rate elevated pretty good.


Answer by  SriLanka (264)

It is very good exercise, but you wont be burning as many calories as regular running. It depends how fast you run, but its probably about 2/3 the calorie burning of regular running. If you want to watch TV while running, you might consider getting a treadmill.


Answer by  Connie (36)

Anytime that you are moving is good exercise, but increasing your heart rate is even better. Running in place can give you a good cardiovascular workout being easier on your knees, because of the lack uneven terrain or excessively hard surfaces. Watching tv is just an added treat.

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