Question by  mellysa (162)

What are some good ankle exercise according to sports medicine?

I recently had ankle sublaxation surgery and need some suggestions for regaining stability in my ankle.


Answer by  somerset (801)

First thing when I wake up, while still in bed I do some ankle exercises. I make circles with my feet at the ankle area, in both directions, also I point toes away from me, and toward me. These exercises really help loosen up ankles.


Answer by  kellybean (72)

Four exercises come to mind. One is the plantar flexion where you point your toes. Second is dorsi flexion where you pull toes towards you. Third is inversion where you point toes inward and lastly in eversion where you point toes outwards. All of these are good ankle exercises.


Answer by  Jonathan74 (92)

Get an elastic band and attach one end to your foot and another to a table leg. Perform repetitions of moving your foot against the resistance in various directions.


Answer by  meena (400)

After surgery you have to take rest as per Doctors advise. Do not give pressure to the ankle, walk slowly without making any bend. For exercise you have to consult a physiotherapist who might suggest you with some exercise by which you can regain the strength to the ankle.


Answer by  rnovikoffgmailcom (1722)

If you are talking about rehab exercises use your toes and "spell" the ABC's. Do the motions in the air with your foot pointed. This will give your ankle a lot of exposure to different angles. There are a limited amount of exercises just for an ankle.....


Answer by  Michelle52 (61)

Spell out the alphabet with each foot. It stretches and strengthens your ankles and increases circulation to your legs and feet.

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