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Question by  Mike26 (26)

What are soft chicken eggs?


Answer by  christokels11 (61)

Soft shelled chicken eggs are cause by s cslcium deficiency in the hens. Chickens need a diet that is high in calcium to produce good hard shelled eggs. Feed the chickens there own eggs, which they love to correct this problem or use a supplement.


Answer by  suvankarc (173)

Sometime chickens lay very soft shell eggs. Lack of calcium in the mother hen or an egg laid too early may cause this.


Answer by  worker2930 (105)

When chickens are taken to the meat packaging plant, and the chicken that has been killed is found to still have a developing embryo. These eggs will not have the hard shell that normal eggs contain, and they must be removed from the mother hen before the chicken can be processed for eating. These are soft chicken eggs.

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