Question by  gregored (19)

How do you know when a chicken egg is hatching?

I'm impatient.


Answer by  snappies (579)

It can take several hours for an egg to hatch. The first thing the chick does that you will be able to notice is it cracks the egg around the center in a horizontal crack all the way around the the egg. You might hear peeping. Don't mess with it.


Answer by  raun08 (1839)

First you will see the egg start to wiggle on it's own and then you will hearing a pecking sound. As the chick finds a weak spot it will likely start to peep until it breaks a breathing hole. From there the chick forces the top of the egg off.


Answer by  tcat (769)

You will start to see cracks in the egg, as the baby chicken is pecking at it and trying to get out. ALso the egg might start to quicker, move or shake as this is happening. Otherwise they are supose to stay warm and you are not supose to mess with them.

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