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Question by  vasu (10)

Why are some chicken eggs brown?


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

There are different pigments that compose the shell of certain eggs. It all depends on the body makeup of the hen, so it is not a matter of quality or taste or anything that is wrong with brown eggs, or eve, as some think, that they are better for the chickens.


Answer by  runnerbeans (374)

Certain breeds of chickens produce eggs with brown shells. Other than shell color, there is no difference between a brown egg and a white one. And actually some breeds of chickens produce eggs of other colors as well, including pink, blue, and green. The colored eggs typically are more expensive than plain white ones.


Answer by  ShawnL19 (310)

If a chicken has reddish or brownish colored feathers, it will lay brownish colored eggs. It is purely cosmetic and, contrary to popular belief, doesn't effect the taste at all. The egg simply "mimics" it's mother. Perhaps to shield it from predators while she is keeping it warm for hatching?

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