Question by  rowelbg (22)

What are cool toys for kids right now?

I need to buy some gifts for relatives.


Answer by  SillyBands (36)

Kids of all ages love Silly Bands! They are similar to rubber bands, but are shapes of different objects or animals. Kids put them on their wrists, which they normally fit snug depending on the child's age, and then maintain their original shape when removed from the wrist.


Answer by  animela (5)

Some of the toys that today's kids are after would be littlest pet shop for girls and for boys, the new paper jammers guitars that have been advertised recently on the television are what they're after.


Answer by  cathysueb (20)

Toys that relate to the characters of the popular movie "Toy Story" are considered cool by many kids today and would be welcome gifts.


Answer by  MathTeacher (299)

One of the biggest fads for elementary school children are sets of rubber bracelets called SillyBandz. Also known as shaped rubber bands, they are collected and worn around the wrist, much like friendship bracelets. They are shaped into cool shapes like hearts, cars, and animals, and come in a variety of colors. They run about $3 per set of 12.


Answer by  justaskforbrandy (553)

Getting toys for children depends on what age group they fall in. If the child is an infant, Cloud B has a lot of things designed just for them. If the child is a toddler, Baby Einstein toys or anything by Fisher Price is a win. For older kids, you can never go wrong with movies or video games.

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