Question by  karoline (7)

Who makes a good quality kid's tape player?

My kids are hard on toys as all kids are.


Answer by  KAS (393)

The Fisher Price tape recorder is perfect for kids. The buttons are colorful, and it is durable and easy to use. A microphone is included for a very reasonable price.


Answer by  Steph66 (13)

I would recommend the Kid-Tough Tape Recorder. They are kid friendly and sturdy. It also comes with a microphone so that your child can also record their voice which is entertaining. However, they do have a volume controller so your children could make the product very loud and noisy. I think the major plus for you though is durability.


Answer by  ulisses (291)

I believe that little tikes or the disney section have good tape player because its plastic and you can snap the door on to the player part all the time but the cassette part can break if you let your child take the pieces apart inside so the tape will not be able to work right

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