Question by  FormerBoyScout (21)

Are Webkinz toys available in stores or only from exclusive retailers?

They're from the kid's show.


Answer by  bl834 (1317)

I'm pretty sure several of my daughter's Webkinz came from Walgreens (I can't imagine they are "exclusive retailers"). I think I've also seen them in other stores like Walmart and Target in the toy section.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

You can find WebKinz in more and more places, including large retailers like J. c. Penney's and Target. You also now have three sizes (and price points) to choose from: Little Kinz are the smallest and cheapest, then WebKinz, then Deluxe WebKinz. They all have an online component, but Deluxe unlocks features the others don't.


Answer by  Chris64 (299)

For the most part, Webkinz are available it many different stores, ranging from supermarkets to toy stores to video game stores. However, certain specific retailers have had exclusive Webkinz only to their store. They can fetch a higher price tag in the secondary market, like on eBay. The best way to find Webkinz information is on their website.


Answer by  thewerewolfmage (520)

I have seen them sold in both stores and online. The stores I've seen them sold in include stores that are just from my area and also in WalMart in the plush toys section.


Answer by  paulbrown (32)

Webkinz toys are available in stores nationwide such as Toysrus, and also websites that sell products such as , and .

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