Question by  lennyislit (30)

Who makes the most kid tough products?

I need unbreakable toys, dishes, etc.


Answer by  tiggontiggon (56)

Most playschool toys are really sturdy. They are made for toddlers so they are tough and can handle alot of rough play.


Answer by  mommy09 (19)

Fisher Price has a great selection of toys, they are durable and won't break easy. They have toys that are so durable, when thrown or dropped to the ground by a child it won't break a bit.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

I know Fisher price actually has a "kid tough" line. For kid tough products i would stick with the known name brands rather than the cheaper generic brands. Fisher Price, Playschool, Step 2 are a few that come to mind.


Answer by  Shadow (20)

Well, the best toys that are pretty much indestructible are the see and say toys, my little cousin dropped one down three flights of stairs and it was in the same condition, maybe a few scratches.

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