Question by  nagendra170288 (10)

What are common foods containing gluten?

I am trying to be more aware of gluten.


Answer by  stargazer (17)

Foods that contain gluten are noticebly starchy products such as bread, grains, doughs, etc. It is found in commomnly noticed products such as cookies made with flour or grains, pizza, rice, bread, tortillas, yeast products, etc. Also products or beverages that contain malt as well as rye and barley products.


Answer by  jwalk (389)

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Common foods that may contain gluten include bread, crackers, and pasta. It may also be used in the processing of foods like sausage and luncheon meats, gravy powders and stock cubes, and instant coffee. If the ingredient label lists hydrolyzed vegetable protein, the product may contain gluten.


Answer by  jyh634 (157)

Many foods contain gluten. Virtually all breads, cereals, and pasta will contain gluten, unless they are expressly advertised as "gluten-free". Barley also contains gluten. Many other products contain gluten as a binder, like chicken fingers or nuggets, and some sauces (anything with a roux), so always check the ingredients.


Answer by  bouldy (38)

Foods that contain gluten are foods made with wheat and whole grains. Foods such as pretzels, bread, and pasta. Also baked foods like cakes can contain gluten.

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