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Question by  harry67 (53)

What foods make your pee smell?

I realize it can be different for different people, but which foods are common?


Answer by  jlaird (190)

Chicken! Or any meat. But then, I don't eat too much meat.


Answer by  hefito (226)

Coffee. It definitely has a distinct smell coming out!


Answer by  apple (447)

Corn does it for me.

Reply by altos (224):
Corn really?! I wonder if not drinking an average amount of water (whatever that amount is) makes the smell more concentrated.  add a comment

Answer by  Sett (1838)

Asparagus can make your urine smell bad. So can some Vitamins, Alfalfa, Macaroni, Coffee and some people claim that sugary cereals can also make the urine smell. If you drink enough water the smell might not be as prominent.

posted by Anonymous
One of my former co-workers and I were talking about asparagus because I was having it for dinner that night and she told me to pay attention to the smell of my urine after I had it. I could not believe how strong the asparagus made my urine smell.  add a comment

Answer by  blrVoice (1054)

It depends on the food you eat. For example a lot of people noticed that after having asparagus their urine smelled weird and strong.


Answer by  harry67 (53)

Asparagus is probably the most common food that makes your pee smell, and it is probably the most potent in terms of how drastically it changes the smell of your pee.


Answer by  footydeano (-10)

I find that marmite makes my pee taste distinctly like marmite and candy floss makes it taste sweet

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