Question by  andaman (240)

Is it true that some cooked foods taste better the next day?

My friend tells me that this is common knowledge, but i'm not sure. He says that some foods taste best right after they are cooked, whereas others are tastier the following day.


Answer by  Krabi (112)

Most people will disagree with me, but I think that pizza tastes better the next day. It's not that I don't like fresh pizza, its just that a night in the fridge makes it more dense and tasty.


Answer by  quadratic (73)

Yes, I think it is true for foods like stews and soups. The night in the refrigerator allows all the flavors to mix thoroughly. Fresh bread is clearly better than day-old bread, but I find that goulash or Yankee pot pie is better on the day after cooking.


Answer by  Slush (41)

Some foods, such as chocolate chip cookies are great right out of the oven. Other foods, while certainly tasty out of the oven, are even better when reheated the following day. Lasagna is often better the day after it was originally baked.

Reply by mangosteen (272):
I just made homemade enchiladas and the fresh ones were good, but the day-old ones were better! I was a little surprised, but they really were tastier.  add a comment

Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

It is true! Have you ever tried a beef brisket right after it was cooked? Good, but then try saving that brisket in the refrigerator overnight. Soaking in its own juices and providing additional flavorful meatiness, the true character of the brisket blooms when it has time to develop further.


Answer by  boxers3 (550)

Foods like chili, stews, and soups do taste better the next day. It gives the various spices and flavors a chance to mingle and compliment each other. Spaghetti is also better the next day.


Answer by  mskiki29360 (43)

In my opinion the spaghetti my grandmother cooks is always better reheated the next day. The first day it tastes good, but after it's allowed to sit in the refrigerator all night it is much better. All the flavors from the meat,sauce, onions, and the peppers have married.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Some stews, chilis, gumbos and soups (such as split-pea) do taste better the next day, as this gives the flavours even more time to mingle, or for the herbs and spices to work their magic on a tomato-based sauce. Of course, it always comes down to personal taste.


Answer by  droford (53)

Some food like soups and stews that have lots of different flavors taste better the next day because the different flavors have to have time to meld together. Conversely, fried food will get soggy and dull and there isn't any gained flavor so they are worse the next day.

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