Question by  clyde (52)

What are some common food pests that get into pet food?


Answer by  John (9008)

These include most household insects, such as cockroaches. Other pests that may infest pet food include weevils, mice, and even rats.


Answer by  sajdakota (73)

Canned pet food is usually safe, due to the nature of the packaging. Dry food however, can be contaminated like other household dry foods. In our dry dog food we must protect against ants, and mice in the house. We keep the dry dog food sealed in a large plastic pail with a lid.


Answer by  shego (255)

Ants are the most common and hardest to get under control, especially in the summer. Keep pet food bowls clean between feedings and don't leave the food bowls with food in them laying around between meals. With canned pet food there's always the possibility of flies laying maggots in the food but it's unlikely.

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