Question by  Tessa68 (51)

What advice can you give to me if I am arranging a sofa against a window?


Answer by  Nicole68 (20)

Try to avoid using longer curtains or window treatments if the sofa is directly under a window, and at the same time, avoid using miniblinds that aren't cut exactly to the length of the window. It will lead to a bunch of fabric or blinds being squashed behind the sofa.


Answer by  ML (122)

If your window is facing a busy street, I would advise not to placing the sofa there. The reason is that when you are sitting on the sofa there is a feeling of discomfort, as if someone is behind you.


Answer by  mubaidr (5)

Do not arrange sofa or any table against window. Best way is to arrange it a little side to the left of the window, so that if someone wants to stands infront of winodw it is easy for him to do so.


Answer by  Al92 (105)

I would say leave a little gap between the window and the sofa. If that is not possible I would say move it to another part of the room. I don't think sofas look good right in front of a window.


Answer by  waleedsamy (3)

If you have a nice view I will advice you to keep the window open to enjoy the view,other wise I advice to put the the TV


Answer by  abhinavsharma (5)

it can be a better idea but please take care of the directions. if window is in east or west direction than sunlight during sunset & sunrise can create problem to the people sitting on it.

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