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Question by  BobMed (16)

What advice can you give me for bay window decorating?

I am having a hard time decorating a bay window.


Answer by  rhonda515 (607)

Bay windows are a great source of light for any room. A great way to decorate it would be to hang a swag over the window and add some pillows.


Answer by  windowperson (13)

Think about the decor of the room. If you think the window should have some function for example extra seating think about putting some type of padding on it. If it is just for show consider outlining it with drapes and maybe put plants or something else decorative in it


Answer by  Pasrurt (95)

For a bay window I think herb garden or indoor geranium garden as long as you have a lot of sunlight coming threw your windows would be nice.


Answer by  hannah24 (22)

use a lot of little and bigger plants. maby you have some nice little pots or small figures that you can place around the blants. for the window itself use some cristals or little pictures (like window color), it depends on the room. for a kitchen herbs are very nice, for a bathroom i like mussels.


Answer by  melissa23 (1002)

A bay window can be decorated by easily by curtains, you can look online and find specific bay window curtains. You can also hand ornaments in front of it or you can put the stained glass art on them.


Answer by  Karen54 (971)

If you have a nice view, install blinds. Make small valances to cover the top quarter of the window and will hide the blinds when they are in up position.

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