Question by  madlambe (197)

Should toddlers be playing internet games?

I think they are too young to be on the computer.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

I believe it is fine for an oler toddler aged child to play internet games as long as the games he or she is playing is appropriate for a child thir age. At the age of two i allowed my daughter to play educational games on the internet that was appropriate for a child her age. She learned a lot.


Answer by  sanjit (6)

Any toddler has his/her eyes in the developmental stage and their time on computer should not be encouraged. Also it will affect their play time and their exercising. Sitting too long in a same place will affect their blood circulation and in due course, it may paralyze their circulatory system also. So,the toddlers should not be on the computer.


Answer by  angiet (49)

I think that toddlers can learn basic computer skills by playing games on the internet. Any game should be age appropriate and the child should be supervised at all times.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

No. They shouldn't be. Sitting in front of the television and/or the computer all the time is really not good for children. They need to be away from the screens which can strain eyes. At that age they should be active and playing to promote healthy growth and to prevent obesity.

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