Question by  IsmaraNadir (31)

What are some fun basic addition/subtraction facts games?

I am home-schooling my son and he loves to play math games.


Answer by  KIRAN21 (48)

Maths open doors to the future. Maths can be easy and fun to learn. U cn teach by showing flash c ards. U can buy books on luci maths level 1 and level2. This includes addition/subtaction sums. U can buy maths puzzle solving books which the brain develops sharply.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

Yahtzee, Monopoly, Cranium Cadoo, and Chess can all be used for addition and subtraction. In addition, other games can be modified to include this skill, such as Uno, Pass the Pigs, or any game that requires keeping score.


Answer by  Pam84 (330)

I tutor and there are two math games that seem to be well-received. The first one is Addition Dominoes and the other is Math War. Both are inexpensive games.


Answer by  ekan46 (149)

sudoku is one of the excellent math game which is popular all around the world. In sudoku there are 9 rows and 9 columns and is grouped as a box of 3*3. you have fill these 81 cells such that in a way every column and row has 1-9 and also in the box. Have fun.


Answer by  bella00 (0)

Math was one of my favorite thing to do while i was in school! There was a game i really liked n school we would go and verse eachother whoever won give a peice of candy are like a quarter or something fun.

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