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Question by  chucklemethis (13)

How do you clean a play station game?

My play station game is getting stuck and is skipping.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

You can use some brand of plastic polish or liquid car or fiberglass wax or polish, or you can us a diluted paste wax mixture. Wipe it on the disc, let it crystallize, wipe it off in straight lines (not circles) with a polishing cloth and then spray and wipe with a mild glass cleaner to remove the scratches.


Answer by  Philhendrie (47)

The Playstation game discs can be cleaned by wiping them with a clean dry towel, you would want to do this immediately if something has been spilled on them. Even if there are no noticable scratches, you can purchase a disc doctor to clean the surface of the disc, which will generally allow it to play smoothly.


Answer by  Stephen75 (160)

You can take your disc to your local video game store and they can resurface it for a very small charge. You can also buy a disc repair kit at your local retailer. If you decide to buy your own disc repair kit, make sure to read the instructions carefully.


Answer by  Hiiro (117)

The skipping indicates that the disc is unreadable. At best you should bring it to a professional disc cleaning service. If that is not doable a simple do it yourself is leaving toothpaste on top of the scratches for five minutes, then clean with water and a non-porous cloth.


Answer by  corey (39)

Look for a product like 'scratch off' and use that on the game that is getting stuck. If that doesn't work you can try a soft cloth


Answer by  Connect2Heart (12)

You will need what is called an optical lens cleaning cloth, NO Do not use your tshirt to clean your disc. Even if it feels soft to the touch.

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