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Question by  muse (89)

How do you keep your kids from playing killing games?

It seems like even regular kid-type games have killing in them.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

Monitor their games that they play. The easiest way to get away from violence is to have your children play games more based on solving puzzles/patterns such as tetris or bejeweled.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The only sure way to keep you kids from playing inappropriate games is to know what the games are like before buying them. For a long time now games have a rating. This will describe the activity in the game. This combined with the games description and review will give you a good idea of what a game is like.


Answer by  czc2844 (158)

Coming from experience, you really can't unless you completely don't allow them to go out or make friends and home school them. They will make friends, they will play games else where and see things you might not appreciate them seeing. The best you can do as a parent is make sure they understand the distinction between fantasy and reality.

Reply by loveme123 (50):
i agreee....i did the same thing. around middle school i would go to my friends houses and watch movies i wasnt allowed to at home... stuff like sure most of us have done something like this one time or another.  add a comment
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