Question by  samerps (28)

What are the effects of computer games on children?

I think my child plays computer games too much.


Answer by  Alex91 (18)

In my opion a child should play computer games as few as possible because the child will be addicted and will play more games and he will spend to many hours.A kid should be playing outside with his friends in the real world not in the virtual one.Being addicted to games will have a bad influence in the future.


Answer by  mturker (132)

Like TV watching, playing games is a passive activity, so a kid who spends too much time on the computer may not be getting enough physical activity or social interaction. Although computer use is fine in moderation, especially if the software is educational, it's a good idea to try to interest your kid in other hobbies as well.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

Computer games can have positive and negative effects on children; the games can increase visual awareness and give youths better driving skills. They can also increase obesity and inactivity.


Answer by  fiddlefaddle (883)

Computer games can affect children in different ways, it depends on the game and it depends on the child. Social games can affect children in positive ways and sometimes negative ways. Games can also encourage learning but some games just encourage repeating tasks. Experience the game yourself to decide.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

For most children video games pose little threat to their mental well-being though very young children may have trouble understanding the difference between what's allowed in "reality" and what's okay only in a video game. This also goes for children with mental or behavioral conditions, these may impair their ability to draw lines between reality and virtual reality.


Answer by  rayvincentarvieruiz (26)

The computer affects the children in many ways. Some of which are distracting them from outdoor activities and distracting them from sports. This is unhealthy for children.

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