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Question by  vietnamgirls (1177)

Should I be concerned about a foamy urine discharge?

My child has a foamy urine discharge.


Answer by  sapphire51 (1048)

You should be concerned by it. Urine in general is not foamy, so if this is the case you should consult your doctor as there has to be an explanation why this is happening. Could be serious or could not be, but make sure that you find out the reason.


Answer by  Rajamal (121)

If you're concerned about foamy urine consult your doctor, he oar she may recommend a urine analysis. which can detect protein in urine. If protein in detected in your urine, your doctor likely will recommend additional tests to determine the cause.


Answer by  Anu (20)

Foamy urine discharge might be the presence of protein,which is connected with the Kidney problems. It might also be due to viral hepatitis,needs examination.


Answer by  Rachel17 (14)

Yes. As someone who has relatives that have dealt with this, foamy urine is often a sign of a kidney infection and should be checked by your doctor.


Answer by  Leah58 (33)

There is more than likely an infection developing. The doctor is going to get a urine sample and send that in to see if there is an infection.

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