Question by  bkh (19)

Is there a way to remove a photo stuck to glass frame?

I don't want to ruin the photo.


Answer by  Larry (104)

If the photo is irreplaceable, copy it first at a local lab. They should be able to scan it through the glass. Then you can lightly spray the photograph with distilled water, remove it as it loosens from the glass. A hair dryer on low should also loosen the photograph.


Answer by  Spicuzza (7)

Soak the photo and glass in a solution of water and photoflo until it completely releases from the glass, then lay photo flat to dry. The photo emulsion will be soft, so use caution when handling the wet photo, or it could scratch or peel the emulsion.


Answer by  Suzanne (56)

You can scan the photo still in the frame so if you do ruin the photo you then have a copy. You need to just slightly moisten the back of the photo while very gently pulling it off - there is no great way to remove it so be slow and carefull.


Answer by  gracepap (30)

Not always a guarantee that it will work but try using a hair dryer on hot setting. Gently pull the corner away from glass and while holding the hair dryer towards the glass, SLOWLY pull the photo away. It may take several minutes. Be sure to scan photo before trying to pull it off.


Answer by  Umer (18)

there are two types of photo paper material one is plastic like the other cardboard. If it is plastic like you can use anti sticking spray to remove the photo without damaging it but if its cardboard type then it is very hard to remove it without some damage.


Answer by  Warner (56)

In short the answer is no if we're talking about digital prints! However if (and I need to stress you MUST do this at your own risk) your photograph is an old type print on photosensitive paper (wet print) you could try to steam it! Place the frame over a bowl with steaming hot water and give it 10!

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