Question by  jessica79 (61)

How do you remove stucco from a window frame?

My husband attempted to repair the stucco on our home and got a good bit on the window frame.


Answer by  river (1226)

Put paint thinner on the stucco wait about half and hour. Then with a good scraping tool carefully work on stucco.


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

This depends on the material the window frame is made of. If it is vinyl you don't want to use any harsh chemicals as it could ruin frame. For vinyl or aluminum: sponge on a fabric softener and water solution, saturate stucco and pick excess off. Repeat until all removed.


Answer by  SomiAbbasi (17)

Apply some paint remover or thinner to the area of window which has stucco attached on it and let it stand for an hour. This loosen the stucco. Now use a rough towel to remove it or some scrapper or blade can be smoothly used to remove it.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

Use some solvent like paint thinner or remover. Then find a scraper with a nice sharp flat edge and just use a little elbow grease and scrape that stucco off. The thinner will loosen the stucco.


Answer by  worker4582 (39)

Go to a hardware store, purchase some paint remover, apply to the area of the window which has stucco attached, let stand for an hour, then carefully remove paint with a rough towel. If that doesn't remove paint, then carefully use a scraper.


Answer by  txsbush6 (5)

If you're trying to remove stucco from a window frame, then I would suggest that you try using a sharp razor blade.

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