Question by  Anthony9 (14)

Is it safe to travel in the first trimester of pregnancy?

I've heard that the third trimester is unsafe for flight or long travel, but what about the first?


Answer by  Kimb (4)

To the best of my knowledge it is safe to fly until you are thirty two weeks into the pregnancy.


Answer by  pgigi1 (28)

Air travel is fairly safe for a pregnant woman but more caution is expected in the first trimester which is the tender phase. Depending on the duration of the flight and possibly the route and health hazards in destination that may require immunization, the first trimester travel is not advised


Answer by  Nora28 (76)

Travel for a healthy, pregnant woman is generally fine. It is recommended though that you travel during your second trimester because you'll most likely feel better by then and the risks of miscarriage are low. It's always best to check with your practitioner before you fly to make sure you'll be alright.


Answer by  TeagansMom (42)

Absolutely, unless other wise directed by your OB/GYN. I found it handy and comforting to have my doctor and other contact numbers handy in case or concern.

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