Question by  Vernon (21)

Is it safe to travel by air during the 32nd week of pregnancy?

I will be 32 weeks pregnant when we travel by plane.


Answer by  Miki (27)

It is not 100% safe to travel by air during the 32nd week of pregnancy. The air pressure in the cabin is less than at lower altitudes, your heart rate and blood pressure will increase to enable you to take in the oxygen you need. You and your baby may have trouble adapting and should avoid flying.


Answer by  bjudd (123)

The safety concern for pregnant women that fly is that they might go into labor during the flight. Most airlines have a cut off anywhere from 32-34 weeks.


Answer by  senslessmind (15)

Most airlines will not let you fly during the last few weeks of pregnancy, not because it is dangerous, but because they would prefer you not to give birth on the plane. It is safe to travel during the 32nd week but not after the 36.


Answer by  navywriter (790)

It is not a good idea to travel any time during the last trimester because you could go into labor and there might not be a doctor on the plane to assist you. Only travel if you get an okay from your doctor.

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