Question by  bigbeef (11)

Is it safe to travel from Jerusalem to Cairo?

I need to travel from Jerusalem to Cairo.


Answer by  teoami (30)

depending on your method for travel, the route from Jerusalem to Cairo can be safe. Some bus lines such as Egged Bus (egged. co. il) will take you from Jerusalem to the border. From the border, take another bus to Cairo. Taxis are also another safe option, though more expensive.


Answer by  bigdog22 (308)

Due to the political situation in the area, it would probably be best--and likely your only option-- to fly from Jerusalem to Cairo. This would not be unsafe for any particular reason.


Answer by  JustinD (25)

Regardless of where anyone travels there is always risk involved. However, Jerusalem and Cairo do nto hold any imminent threats to travelers. It is important to remember however that it is imperative that you not distinguish yourself as an American. Attempt to plend in with the local populous the best you can.

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