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Question by  johnsbeth (15)

Is it possible to use honey to cure a urinary tract infection?

I've heard that honey can cure a UTI, but I don't know how.


Answer by  MissAmbitions (56)

No, honey will not cure a urinary tract infection. A UTI is caused by bacteria invading the urinary tract. Home remedies will not work; a physicians examination and prescription for antibiotics will be necessary to eliminate a UTI. At-home remedies may ease the pain but will not completely remove a UTI.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

It may,if the problem is in the begining,but in prolonged condtion you must see a physcian.Take honey in the empty stomach in the morning time before breakfast.


Answer by  Simsim (69)

Yes it is possible to cure it, there will be a burning sensation when you will first apply the honey but that normal, the infection will go away with 2-3 applications. Ofcourse this will not work for everyone and the best thing is to consult a doctor.


Answer by  suejanesmith (76)

No. There is no medical reason that eating honey would cure an infection. That calls for an antibiotic. Applying it to the area would just give you a yeast infection.


Answer by  mehul (95)

Honey is the best tonic. It is very useful to Urinary tract infection.Main thing it is a blood purifier.It is reduce the work of the kidney. It take out the waste thing from our body.so the waste thing come out easily.It acts like a antioxidant so the infected part is cured easily.

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