Question by  bart50 (11)

Is it possible to get a urinary tract infection while pregnant?

I am five months pregnant and have symptoms of a bladder infection.


Answer by  John (9008)

There is nothing about being pregnant that keeps you from getting a urinary tract infection. They are possible at any time. You need to see a doctor right away.


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

Urinary tract infections are common during pregnancy. You should consult with your doctor closely about the medications and antibiotics you can take while pregnant, as some of these could have harmful effects on your baby in utero. Another thing to remember is always wipe front to back after using the bathroom.


Answer by  Marybeth (841)

Of course you can get a UTI while pregnant, many people associate it with poor hygeine, but that can be one cause but certainly not all the reason. A UTI during pregnancy is quite common but it can have serious consequences if left untreated including premature birth. See your doctor.


Answer by  Mgarcia (752)

It is possible to get urinary tract infection at any time. Urinary tract infection has nothing to do with pregnancy but you will want to visit your doctor because it could affect your pregnancy. Besides making you need to go more than you already do you will want to make sure any medicine you use is safe for the baby.

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