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Question by  raquel (25)

Is it possible to get free copies of death certificates?

I am collecting documents for a family geneaology.


Answer by  timely (13)

Most record offices require a small fee to release death certificates to interested parties. Prices for ordering range anywhere from ten to twenty dollars depending on the location of the deceased in question.


Answer by  wormbubbles (12)

I, myself, have recently had my own personal experience in trying to obtain birth and death certificates for my family. I searched websites, as well as called and e-mailed the cities that the events occurred. My results are that it is possible to look at a death certificate, but you must pay if you want a hard copy.


Answer by  Kristina2310 (4)

sign up for a free trial on a geneology website, and find and print all of the information that you need.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

Free copies might be hard, but you could see if there is a website on line that has them. You might have to see where you can get cheap ones.


Answer by  kristina31 (305)

I dont really think their really are places that you can get anything for free. Most places charge you afee to get that type of information. or you can either go online and order one but you will need a credit card.

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