Question by  tigger5689 (11)

How do you get a death certificate in Canada?

I need a copy of one filed about 9 months ago.


Answer by  Ronaldo91 (345)

Death certificates need to be obtained through your provincial or territory government, the certificate can only be obtained in some cases by the next of kin, executor or estate administrator, and can be delivered by email, post or fax. A funeral home who processed the deceased may help you with this process if you have difficulties.


Answer by  Sullislug (46)

In Canada death certificates are handled by each individual province. To obtain a death certificate it is necessary to contact either a local government services office or the Vital Statistics office of that Province. Make sure to have all the proper documentation to claim the certificate.


Answer by  HilaryC (1382)

Call a local genealogy center, you can also ask the hospital for a copy or call your local government. You need proof you're a relative to obtain it though.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Individual provinces and territories maintain death records and other vital statistics (birth records, marriage records). The procedures and requirements vary from one jurisdiction to another.With one exception (Nunavut), all provinces/territories have online sites that offer easy-to-understand instruction to walk you through the process of how to request the death certificate.

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