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Question by  naren (13)

How can I get my birth certificate from England?

I lost the original and need a copy.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

You can request one from the registrar from the town in which you were born. Send your pertinent information with copies of your passport, driver's license and social security card and return envelope.


Answer by  Erynn (1651)

You go to the home office's general register office website and click on "order certificates online". They will mail a certificate anywhere. You can also order other people's certificates, for things such as family trees.


Answer by  alandrix (44)

You need to go to the local register of birth deaths and marriages office. it costs about £12. you will need to have all the details...Name, dob and place of birth.


Answer by  Karthon (403)

If you have lost the original, contact the government office in your birth town. They should be able to redirect you to the records department which will have a copy of your birth certificate. That department will also be able to make another copy and send it to you (for a fee of course).


Answer by  playmaker55 (314)

Contact a british embassy, then can take your information and arrange to have a copy sent to you. You will probably need some proof of british residency.

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