Question by  sillymomof2 (26)

In tennis what is a 5th set tie breaker?

I want to understand the fifth set tie breaker rule in tennis.


Answer by  rakattakpat (70)

it depends, at the us open it is decided by a tie breaker. a tie breaker is the first player to 7 points by two. at the other majors the fifth set is decided by whoever wins the most games after the normal 6 games needed, by two.


Answer by  bdbolin (167)

In some major events, the fifth set of a match is decided by a tiebreaker, which is essentially a mini-set. The first player to reach 7 points with a margin of at least 2 points wins the set and the match.


Answer by  fannyloo (90)

Sets are played until the first player has won 6+ games (or 2+ more than his opponent). In the final match if score is 6-5, one more game is played. A 7-5 win ends the game, but 6-6 score then a tie breaker game is played in the 5th set.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

The fifth set tiebreaker is played when the fifth set reaches a score of 6 games each. The tie breaker is a first to seven points (counted by ones) but ahead by two points game. If the first to seven is ahead 7-6, then they keep playing until one of the players is ahead by two points.

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