Question by  mohandas (10)

How do you play a super tie-break in tennis?


Answer by  Darbinater (47)

The same as a normal tie break except the winner must reach 10 points instead of 7. The first player serves one point from the right, then each player serves 2 points, one from the left and one from the right. You must also have 2 more points than your oponent to win, change ends after 6 points.


Answer by  tennisdude (9)

A super tie-break is played when a match is 1 set all or 2 sets all. The winner of a super tie-break is the player who reaches 10 points first with a 2 point advantage. If a 2 point advantage is not reached then the tie break continues until one is. Players change ends every 6 points.


Answer by  AppstateTennis (78)

A super tie-break is basically the same idea as a normal tie-breaker (2 serves per player). The main difference is that the winner must win a total of 10 points by a margin of atleast 2 points instead of 7 points.


Answer by  amandel33 (38)

A player serves once to start the tiebreak, then the other player serves two points, and the players will aternaye with the two serves until one player has 10 points.


Answer by  fiona (208)

A team must score 7 or 10 points to win, and you need to get the 13th or 21st point. It's always played by mixed doubles teams.

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