Question by  pakuakid (72)

How do you play a 10 point tie breaker in tennis?

Someone suggested this recently and I had never heard of it.


Answer by  Darbinater (47)

The same as a normal tiebreak except 10 points, with at least 2 more than your oponent are recquired to win. Change ends after 6 points. Serving is the same as a normal tiebreak, the first serve is from the right, from then on alternate sides.


Answer by  amandel33 (38)

A player serves one point from the deuce court, then the other player serves two points, first one from the ad court, followed by one in the deuce court. The players then alternate serving two points (ad then deuce), until one player has ten points


Answer by  AppstateTennis (78)

Start off like a normal 7 poin tie breaker. The main difference is to play until 10 points with a margin of 2 points atleast.

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