Question by  Annie36 (25)

How well do colored tatoos on black skin turn out?


Answer by  Phil75 (87)

Fabulous black skin receives tattoo ink in a wholesome and worthwhile way. The bolder, blacker designs available at modern shops can take a worn out used black skin and make it look like a million dollar suit of darkened, tailored, customized flesh. I also recommend a custom salt water fishtank.


Answer by  martyGvd (22)

Not so well.. they tend to have different pigment then white colored skin or light colored skin people. The outline seems to blend in and the color is not the same. White in a tattoo is actually pretty cool looking. I just haven't seen to many dark skinned people with colored tat's mostly white people.


Answer by  smith (89)

The visibility of colored tattoos on black skin depend upon several factors. It will be much more difficult to see a colored tattoo on black skin that is dark, with a lot of pigmentation. Ask the tattoo artist to show you pictures from his portfolio of tattoos on skin that is similar to your shade.


Answer by  John (9008)

It varies with the skill of the artist and exactly how dark of a complexion the person getting the tattoo has. On very dark skin, colored tattoos are difficult. A skilled artist can usually make something work, but it will not be as bright or striking as a similar tattoo on lighter skin.

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