Question by  karmachaos (26)

What would cause a cat's tail to turn black?

I've had my cat for about two years. She's always had a white tail. Now it has suddenly turned black.


Answer by  curtangel (138)

Some cat breeds have fur pigmentation that is temperature sensitive - if your cat is Siamese, for example, the cooler parts of the body would be darker. You aren't clear if this is the whole tail or just part. I've known cats to have tail fur turn white if its injured. If you're concerned call your vet.


Answer by  Leanan (234)

Your cat's tail has perhaps been stained with oil, soot, tar, paint, or some other substance. If this is not the case, your cat may have been switched with someone else's cat. Cat coloring never changes from white to black by natural means. Black to white can happen with scars or such, but never the other way round.


Answer by  beth14 (133)

Any sudden change to Fido should be checked out by a Veterinarian. Unless your kitty has rummaged in soot, dirt or your favorite home project involving black paint, It's best to have your Kitty doc take a look. Meow!


Answer by  SugarSoySauce (228)

Check the skin under your cat tail. If it's gray, then it's normal to be black (black fur goes with gray skin) BUT if it's pink, try to wash it. If nothing happen, go to your local vet.


Answer by  galaga6846 (66)

As cats age, the markings on their fur can change. Variances such as the fur changing color are completely normal.


Answer by  jess60 (61)

Maybe she got it in something. Or maybe she's just getting older. Cats have some extra "kitten fur" that might have been the white you saw on her tail. I don't think there are medical problems that would cause this.


Answer by  julie59 (5)

Age in animals can always lead to color change in their coats. Many cats and dogs are one color when they are born and as they get older they change.


Answer by  Anonymous

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