Question by  petlover (11)

What is the meaning behind black jelly bracelets?

I know that the younger generation wears colored bracelets to mean many things and am concerned that my daughter is now wearing black jelly ones.


Answer by  kph0329 (637)

The different color jelly bracelets that girls wear indicate what they are willing to do sexually. If they wear purple bracelets tell potential partners that they are just willing to kiss, but wearing a blue one indicates that they are willing to have oral sex. Black is the color girls wear when they are willing to have intercourse.


Answer by  akaflyer (71)

The urban legend is that jelly bracelets have meanings, depending upon their color. Accordingly, the black bracelet means that the person wearing it is looking for sex.


Answer by  Anonymous

THey are just bracelets,Does not mean that the kid is sexually active.

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