Question by  Kevin (21)

Will tungsten carbide turn the skin green?

I am getting ready to buy my girlfriend some jewelry and she has a problem with jewelry turning her skin green.


Answer by  river (1226)

No, it's a very hard metal and is hypoallergenic. This metal does not oxidize just make sure you buy from a reputable shop. It does'nt reacte to chemicals like soap or perfume.


Answer by  irene84 (118)

Tungsten is an extremely hard man-made material that doesn't oxidize like gold and silver. A ring in this material will never turn your finger green.


Answer by  Shelbyfre (110)

No, Tungsten carbide is a lot harder than other metals. It will keep its shiny finish and it is very durable.


Answer by  bharativarma (18)

If she is allergic then yes it might. Tungsten Carbide is the second hardest next to Mohs scale. But also you have to keep in mind from where you buy the ring because carbide is powdered then adhered with binder. If some cheap quality binder is used then you might get allergic, its always better to buy from good shop.


Answer by  simna (473)

Tungsten carbide is very hard when compared to other metals and it is a high quality material and it will last for a long period too. It will not turn the skin green or it will not cause any skin irritation.


Answer by  stephblake (205)

No, it won't. Tungsten carbide is actually harder than other metals. though maintain its shine to have a long lasting effect.


Answer by  sweetp (11)

Tungsten carbide is one of the newer compounds being used to make jewelry. It is completely hypoallergenic and will not cause skin irritation or turn skin green. It is non-reactive to chemicals such as soap and perfume. It is an ideal combination of materials for people with sensitive skin.


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

Some people are allergic to certain metals in jewelry and their skin turns green. Sometimes they uses lotions and perfumes that make the jewelry turn green too.


Answer by  luckyhappy (90)

Tungsten Carbide will not change your skin to Green. It is very hard material used to machine other metals. I think nickel might be metal she wants to avoid. A coating of clear nail polish may help until it wears off. Put the polish on the part that touches the skin. Let it dry, before wearing.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Tungsten, unlike other metals that oxidixe on contact with skin such as silver or base metals, will not turn the skin green. There is not a reaction to tungsten from people who have metal alergies or acidic skin and have experienced problems with other types of metal jewelry in the past.


Answer by  lisarieza (23)

If your girlfriend is acidic her skin will turn green if she will wear silver but tungsten carbide is good and in high quality than silver.her skin will be fine.


Answer by  Anonymous

it depends on what binder is was used to make the metal, tungsten is mixed with a binder to give it its strength and hardness, there are two binders used: cobolt or nickel. cobolt is found in fungi bacteria and can turn your skin green, nickel is not. get nickel.


Answer by  Anonymous

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