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Question by  lance (26)

Would highlights look good in black colored hair?

I have black hair, and I really want highlights. I don't know what color to look, or if I will be making a big mistake.


Answer by  caliprincess04 (155)

Don't go anymore that 3 shades lighter, or it will look cheap and obvious. I think highlights look best when they are subtle and thin (not chunky/stripey). A deep auburn or a chocolate brown would look great pulled through black hair.


Answer by  kaylalynn (91)

Highlights look great in black hair. Really you can do any color. Browns are popular, but blondes look good as well as red, but the best looking ones are always the funky colors like pink and purple. The look really natural for some reason. The best thing about black hair is it is easy to dye back, no color matching


Answer by  Djoneechan (142)

I got golden highlights in my black hair quite a while back. Gold ones usually look great, but there's a lot of people who go for a kind of auburn/red streak in their hair. I'd stick with gold, however, it will come out darker, but better looking than most reds.


Answer by  BirdOnAWire (171)

I think they do. Mine were blood red the first time and white-blond the second and the effect was dramatic. If you want something more subtle a brown or dark blond should look fine.


Answer by  lee54 (144)

The good thing about changing your mind or not liking the highlights, is that you can always dye your hair back to black.


Answer by  vickyaral (34)

An auburn color would look good on black hair. Or a chesnut brown. would be the best one to move on continuously


Answer by  liilii (103)

I think you should opt for lowlights it blends better with darker hair, unless you're going to lighten the base of your hair, i don't recommend highlights

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