Question by  liblue (683)

How soon in a pregnancy do you get signs of pregnancy?

I would like to know when I will start to have symptoms of pregnancy if I am pregnant.


Answer by  tatataterri (203)

It can be no earlier than two weeks, because in the first two weeks, conception hasn't even occurred. Some women, including myself, believe that they had implantation cramping that occur about 5 days after conception (2 1/2 weeks pregnant). You may be tired or have tender breasts in weeks 3-4. Most women will have a positive test at 4 weeks.


Answer by  becky35 (108)

You may start getting symptoms as soon as 4 weeks, such as sore breasts, and slight nausea. As the pregnancy progresses your symptoms will likely increase.


Answer by  alrac (197)

For many women, especially if they've never been pregnant before, missing a period is the first symptom they notice. Otherwise, the onset of symptoms varies widely.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

Not all women may experience the typical symptoms of pregnancy. Swollen, tender breasts can occur in a matter of weeks. As far as the morning sickness, this can arise anytime during pregnancy. Feeling fatigue and the need to void constantly is common in about the first month and the last.

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