Question by  reno911 (17)

How accurate is the EPT pregnancy test?

I am going to take an EPT pregnancy test in the morning and need to know how to take it and if I can trust it.


Answer by  hagelsla (80)

Home pregnancy tests are highly accurate. In fact, EPT is more than 99% accurate for positive tests. This means, if you test positive, you are pregnant.


Answer by  Jenna16 (224)

EPT is a blue dye pregnancy test, that is, the lines that show up are blue, as opposed to pink. Blue dye tests are notorious for producing false positive results.


Answer by  maggiec1179aolcom (754)

I have had good luck with EPT. Accurate with both of my pregnancy's and a couple of negatives when I wasn't pregnant. If it shows up negative plan to test again in a day or two though.


Answer by  lostinadams (5)

I have used EPT 2 out of my three pregnancies. This product is not only quick but dependable. The test is easy to take. The price is acceptable for the quality of the product. I knew that when the test was done that I was pregnant. If I was to get pregant again I would use this product.


Answer by  ladkidiwani (64)

The EPT pregnancy test is pretty accurate, but it is expensive and may be difficult to read. It takes about three minutes to read after you have completed the procedures.


Answer by  Blondedeathangel (28)

I would say they aren't perfect everytime but if it says you are pregnant i would go to the doctor just to be sure.

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