Question by  BigVinceG (13)

How can I have a healthy pregnancy after two d&c's?

I want to have a healthy pregnancy so badly.


Answer by  Pam36 (91)

Take your prenatal vitamins and make sure to follow your doctors guidance on exercise, rest, and proper nutrition. Don't take any alcohol, drugs, or smoke. You need to make sure you get a full work up by your OB/GYN before you plan on having your pregnancy. D&Cs don't necessarily mean that you should have any complications!


Answer by  Alisa (903)

It is very possible to have a healthy pregnancy after a d & C. You should make an appointment with your OB docter and see what are the best possible outcomes for a healthy pregnancy and why you have not been able to have one. Your body needs some time to recover before getting pregnant again.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

It's possible. There are many people out there who have had successful pregnancies after having these procedures done. You just need to take proper precautions. Be very careful because your chance of miscarriage is higher than one of a woman who has not had this procedure done. Talk to your doctor if you're at all concerned.


Answer by  Brittney (1095)

A D&C does not affect your pregnancies in the future. A D&C is just to clean out your uterus after you miscarry. There are many reasons why a woman miscarries. Talk to your doctor and make sure that you are not a high risk pregnancy and take it easy.


Answer by  SIDDHU (861)

You can have a healthy pregnancy after two d& c. Just lead a stressfree life and if both of you dont have problem then you will normally cocieve. After you concieve take rest during the first trimester and dont worry you will have a healthy baby. Be stress free and do meditation.


Answer by  worker2282 (29)

Should consume more fruits and take iron tablets prescribed by the doctor. Should do some physical work. Should eat something for each hours. Should go for regular checkup and should not carry more weighted items.

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