Question by  Alisa (903)

How much does a hp 842c cartridge cost?

This is remanufactured black ink.


Answer by  bkoken (7)

A remanufactured cartride for black ink for HP 842c rprinter costs between 7.05 usd to 11.95 usd. The original cartridge is 32.00 USD if ordered online. There are discounts available, for packs. Color cartridges also available as compatible or originals. Color is almost twice expensive as black ink for this printer


Answer by  dunsinane (14)

There are two different sizes of cartridges for the hp842c, a normal cartridge with an expected life of about 500 pages and a "twin pack" which is expected to last about 1200 pages. Typical prices are ~$35 for then normal, and ~$65 for the twin pack.


Answer by  mjanthony (47)

Retail cartridges from HP cost $35.99 for a single black cartridge, but you could easily pick them up from a supplier for $9.95 each, considering they are remanufactured.


Answer by  turkey98 (232)

Re-manufactured and compatible ink for the HP 842c can be purchased on eBay for as little as $11. Buying ink in bulk can also save money.

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