Question by  linlou (23)

I have an HP 2400 Photosmart printer problem. The printer window says "remove and check color cartridge. " I did this many times. What's wrong?

I went to HP troubleshooting online & they recommended cleaning the contacts (carriage & cartridge), which I did with purified water & a cotton Q-Tip. It still doesn't work. minutes to dry completely. Put a brand new cartridge in and same thing. Unplugged printer & held "on" button down for 30 seconds. Help!


Answer by  ken65 (128)

If cleaning the contacts does not correct your problem, try disconnecting the printer cables that connect the printer to your computer. Once these are unplugged, remove and reinstall the printer cartridge and then turn the power off/on on the printer. FInally, re-connect the cables between the printer and the computer. This should clear your error.


Answer by  toddb212 (72)

With this type of error, it is recommended that if the standard troubleshooting tips do not correct the problem, that a HP-authorized service center be contacted. The service center, or HP themselves, may recommend sending in the printer for maintenance. It is best that no further troubleshooting be completed, as any further work should be completed by a qualified technician.


Answer by  printerboy (48)

It looks like your cartridge is ok, so the problem must be the printer. Either the connection with the cartridge is bad or the printer is broken. I would take out all cartridges (color and b/w) and clean the contacts. If this doesn't work, new printers are cheap.


Answer by  TAHA (19)

There might be a problem with the printer itself or the drivers are not properly installed. Else the cartridge is ok. If problem persists try using a different printer to verify that the cartridge is working.

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