Question by  kalai (26)

What is the difference between an I-c and non I-C cans for lighting?

I am trying to determine which can lighting to install in my kitchen and would like comparisons between I-C and non I-C cans.


Answer by  sparky35 (196)

IC cans stand for in contact, which means in direct contact with insulation, framing members etc. They contain a thermal switch to cut power to the fixture in the event that the fixture is overlamped and gets too hot. Non-IC cans do not have the thermal element and insulation need to be kept at least 3" away.


Answer by  Subramanianr (109)

IC is an abbreviated term for Integrated circuit. A non IC can light burs continuosly. But an Ic can light gives a required duration of burning which has been preprogrammed in the IC


Answer by  makenaann (49)

IC cans can be put in direct contact with insulation non IC cans are not permitted to be in direct contact. You must maintain three inch spacing between the non IC cans insulation. If your kitchen is under a upstairs you can use non IC cans

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